A TSA screener from NH has been arrested for rape in NH. Supposedly juveniles were invovled, but we have yet to find out if the man has been charged with juvenile rape. This has been caused by the backlash against the TSA and the current government’s policies on “terrorist,” threats.

Chris Caesar from Londonderry Times broke this story a little while ago. Surprisingly, almost no media coverage has appeared thus far. No local or national news outlets have picked up the story, thus far. You would think the popularity of the topic of hate towards the TSA would warrant some coverage.

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A Londonderry resident and U.S. Department of Homeland Security employee responsible for conducting passenger screenings at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport has been arrested on four charges of felonious sexual assault and one charge of forcible rape, the Londonderry Police Department and federal officials confirmed this week.

Dwayne Michael Valerio, 44, was arrested at his home at 192 Rockingham Road on Friday. He was subsequently transported to Derry District Court for arraignment, where his original cash bail amount of $100,000 was reduced to $50,000. He was then transported to the Rockingham County Jail in Brentwood by the county sheriff’s office, according to police records.

Londonderry Police Captain Gerald Dussault said he could not offer much comment on the incident, citing privacy concerns of the juveniles involved with the case.

“It’s still under investigation, still pending,” he said, noting the police were still conducting interviews in the case.

Officials with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration (TSA) were also reluctant to speak on the issue, citing personnel privacy, but Boston area TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis released a prepared statement in response to questions about the arrest.

“TSA cannot comment on an ongoing police investigation,” Davis wrote. “However, we can assure travelers the charges against the individual are not related in any way to his employment with TSA.

“Upon his arrest, TSA took immediate action and the individual is no longer working at the airport,” she added. TSA security officers are tasked with screening both passengers and baggage for dangerous weapons and explosives. Passenger screening procedures can necessitate a pat down to resolve alarms at the security checkpoint.

Valerio had worked for the agency since February of 2008 and had received no complaints of improper screening lodged against him, an official with the TSA said.

While the airport does not employ the controversial full-body scanners critics have called virtual strip searches, it does employ “enhanced pat-downs,” in which airport security staff place their hands on breasts, buttocks and the groin area during the security process. Critics have called the procedure an invasion of personal privacy, as well as a potentially traumatic practice for survivors of sexual assault.

The agency has repeatedly said the measures are necessary to ensure the security of airline passengers.

New Hampshire is one of a handful of states that have passed a resolution criticizing the new measures as invasive and unreasonable. State Rep. Andrew Manuse, R-Derry, has also co-sponsored House Bill 628-FN, which would make “the touching or viewing with a technological device of a person’s breasts or genitals by a government security agent without probable cause a sexual assault.”

The bill will be retained and further studied over the summer before a vote this fall, he said, noting both he and constituents felt violated by the searches.

“I think this type of situation certainly raises the profile of our concern and our reasons for introducing this bill,” he said.

Special thanks to theawesomeishere who posted this to the social site Reddit, not too long ago.

We cannot verify this as fact, guessing this is just an April fools joke.?

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