In the craziest non news you are going to hear today… Rumors have been circulating that Steve Jobs is back in the hospital. This could have been the cause of the huge random drop in AAPL shares. We have put several phone calls into sources, and we cannot verify this. In fact, it looks to be one huge drop the stock ploy. We are trying to find out, where this rumor first hit. Twitter, it looks like. As far as we know, it is incredibly false, but we are sure somebody made money off of this. We will stay on top of this, so keep checking back. This looks like it has been one big rumor, and somebody is bound to get sued.

All in all, it looks like Apple is having a successful launch on Verizon with their iPhone.

Edit: We have looked more into this, and most of the lies have been spread on yahoo msg boards. Which are surprisingly unmoderated. First place to pick it up was Scott Rubin from benzinga.

Here is some actual rumor news, that may or may not be truth.

Update: Steve Jobs is seemingly fine. Just as we thought.

Looks to be a giant ploy by the shorts. Look at this screen shot captured on yahoo msg board.

Just sick...